About Noble Four Partners, LLC

Our Focus

Noble Four Partners (Noble Four) utilizes a merchant banking model to execute direct investments, mergers and acquisitions, and strategy for our partners, clients, and investors. From developing a bottoms-up operational framework, proprietary investment sourcing, execution, and determining financing options, we are seamless partners across the transactional spectrum.

Our team’s effectiveness is driven by real-world management experience within the sell-side, buy-side, corporate, and managerial worlds. Investor and client mandates include crafting strategic options, managing investment / divestment processes, working within an organization to drive deal efforts, and directly investing in transactions.

Noble Four acts as a general partner with an investment focus on control and minority investments in middle market companies with enterprise values of $250M+ per transaction. Noble Four has organized capital to fund general partner commitments and has partnered with major investors to allow for speed and surety of closing, regardless of transaction size.

We and our investors maintain a long-term growth perspective and do not allow ‘fund dynamics’ to impede sound management decisions. Each member of our investment team has been an owner and / or operator – resulting in a unique awareness of the skills needed to achieve operational excellence. Noble Four engages in detailed sector research, builds investment teams around opportunistic vertical markets, and partners with a broad range of experts to methodically execute an investment from concept to reality.

We seek investment opportunities with unrealized growth potential, complex exit dynamics for ownership, and scenarios that require follow-on capital.